Alexander the Great Canine is our very gentle AKC registered, Standard Poodle. He has been health tested through Embark DNA and was normal on everything!  He is truly an amazing dog! He is very compassionate, but at the same time has a sense of beautiful pride about him! I just love watching him run across our pasture! He has such a lovely gait, as if he were a Tennessee Walking Horse! He knows he's very special!
    Our very sweet Sandy is our healthy CKC registered, beautiful F1 Standard Bernedoodle. Her parents are both AKC registered.  Sandy is shy at first, but will soon follow you around and be your faithful friend!  She's an excellent mother, going above the call of duty to make sure her little ones are kept warm, well-fed, bathed daily, and given plenty of kisses! :-)
    Our AKC registered Beautiful Bella was our very first Bernese Mountain Dog!!!  Although she's loved the same as all, she holds an extra special place here in our family!  Bella is a healthy, very keen and friendly girl! She reminds me of some sort of private detective, determined and extremely intelligent!
     Captain is our feisty AKC registered Standard Poodle.  He has been health test through Embark DNA and tested normal/clear on everything He enjoys other dogs and people very much. He has a submissive and very gentle temperament. Just a genuinely "happy go lucky" boy!
"We're in Puppy Love!!!"
     Missy is our very delightful AKC registered Bernese Mountain Dog. She is an outstanding mother with one of the sweetest temperaments you'd find. She is healthy and full of spunk! She just loves to be cuddled up with her family!
    Sunshine is our gorgeous AKC registered Bernese Mountain Dog.  She is healthy and such a happy, sweet girl! She ALWAYS wants to be right with you and involved with whatever it is that you are doing!
She is really a faithful friend!

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    Precious is exactly that, PRECIOUS!  She's our healthy AKC registered Bernese Mountain Dog who is always ready for a belly rub! :-)  She is probably our most feisty girl. She's very friendly and full of love!
Doodle Dandy  Puppies